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James Kellogg

1973 Ford F250

Pictures - Description - Finished Changes - Planned Changes - Ford F250 Links



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A Description

This is my project vehicle. Originally purchased by my Grandfather in 1973, I know that this truck has only 65,000 original miles on it. The engine is the original straight 6, 300 block. The transmission is still a manual four speed. For the most part, this truck is very close to original. Even the camper shell is the original shell from the factory. The truck runs very well and drives smoothly. The only problem that I have is that it runs a little hot in the summer, and a little cool in the winter.

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Finished Changes

I have had the time to make a few modifications to the truck. When I got it, it still had the original split rims and tube tires on it. I replaced these with standard rims and tubeless tires since there are not very many places any more that will work on split rims. The reason has something to do with the fact that some of them would blow apart and can seriously injure the person working on them.

The seat has been replaced with one out of a 1990 Ford pickup. I found it for a good price at a salvage yard, and had it recovered before putting it in. Amazingly, I was able to put the brackets from the old seat on the new seat and just bolt it in. No other modifications were required. The entire seat is now a soft, black cloth. Some people have asked if the black is hot in the summer. Because it is cloth, it does not get hot at all. Cloth seats do not hold heat, so there is never a problem with the seat being hot, even in full sun on the hottest of days. While I was working on the seat, I replaced the seat belts as well. I purchased a new pair of three point belts from the ford dealer that match the 1990 seat that I was installing. The original seat belts where only lapbelts. The three point belts are an excellent safety improvement.

The only other thing I have changed is the rear bumper. The original bumper was a plain old steel bumper. I have since replaced it with a chrome bumper that I found at a good price. Unfortunately the mounting holes did not line up as well as I had hoped. Because of this, the new bumper sits at a little bit of an angle. I will fix this eventually, but it works fine for now.

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Planned Changes

For what I want to do, this truck is not even close to done. Last summer, I purchased a 1972 F250 camper special that had been rolled in order to get some of the parts. From this wrecked vehicle, I was able to pull out a running engine, transmission, and air conditioning system. Once finished, my truck will have a V8 automatic with air.

The engine I pulled from the '72 is a 360 block. I have since found that the casting for this block was used for engine sizes from a 352 to a 428. Of these sizes, the 390 is the most popular and is the easiest to find parts for. Because of this, I will most likely trade off this engine for a rebuilt 390. That will save me the work of rebuilding the engine myself, and allow the tradeup to a bigger engine.

The transmission will need considerably less work. It has had a shift kit put in recently and looks very new inside. I will of course put in a new filter and new seals to make sure that it doesn't leak. Other than that, I can just slap it in with the new engine.

The air conditioning will need a little more work. The truck I have did not come with air, so I need to install an entire new system. I have most everything from the salvaged '72. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the parts that fit under the dash. The parts from the '72 take up all the leg room on the passenger's side. Fortunately, I was able to find some of these parts from a '74 F150 Ranger that will work a little better. Also, I was able to find a dash with vent's built in (something else my truck does not have). With a little luck, I will be able to put this all together to make a working, in dash air conditioning system that works reasonably well.

Once the mechanics and drivetrain are completed, I will be able to start on the interior. I plan to cover the floor, kick panels, and behind the seat with a black carpet. Insulation will be installed under the carpet to reduce road noise. What is not covered by carpet will be painted a satin black. The existing headliner will be replaced with one that has speaker mounts. I have also cut holes in the cab to install a pair of 6x9's. These are in addition to the two existing 6x9's that I have mounted in boxes behind the seat. Once finished, I should have a 12 speaker system in the cab. Two of those speakers will have the capability of being moved to the bed for tailgate parties.

The last thing I will need to work on is the body. The drivers side door was punched in due to the only accident that this truck has been in. I intend to replace the door with a new one. JC Whitney carries replacement doors at decent prices. Once the body work is done, I intend to repaint the entire truck a dark purple and tint the windows. Eventually, I will find some nice chrome wheels to finish it out.

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