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James Kellogg

Welcome to my website

I originally created this website for a class project while attending Friend University. In the years since, I have not kept this site as up-to-date as I would like. Now that I have some time to do so, I will be correcting this. Look for many changes and updates in the very near future.

A Little About Me

My Photo

Computer Technology has always held a great fascination for me. I found this calling in high school when I would finish my assignments and then help my classmates. Well now it's 15 years later, and I still enjoy discovering what the new software is capable of. And no, I'm not talking about the latest games. More like the latest Operating Systems and applications. Microsoft is releasing new versions for most of their products next year. I have already had the opportunity to look into the new Vista OS, Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser, and SQL 2005 Server. Soon I plan to begin previewing the new Office Suite and Exchange server. There are a lot of changes in the Microsoft world and it looks like some good things are coming.

I've also recently picked up the hobby of Airbrush painting. Having wanted to do this for some time, I finally found a class that could get me started. Since then, I have only been able to do a few test panels and one motorcycle. While this is enjoyable, and I am very happy with the results, I find that I often don't have the time to paint as much as I would like.

When I'm not computing or painting, I'm often working on a mechanical upgrade to one of my vehicles. Having just a touch of the affliction that makes a person a full-fledged motorhead, I currently own three vehicles, plus one for my wife. I like to say that I have one of every size, a motorcycle, sports car, SUV, and Pickup truck. At this point, every one has had some kind of upgrade to improve functionality. But only two could currently be considered full-fledged projects.

If you have time, please feel free to peruse the site. Navigation links are always to the left and will get you to every available page. I do enjoy hearing from those with similar interests. So feel free to E-mail any comments or questions.

Good Day

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